Appearances Watch Dogs
Type Crafted
Damage Unrated
Power 5
IED is a type of throwable, projectile weapon found in Watch Dogs.

[edit] Description

IEDs are throwable, detonated explosive devices which have the capacity to cause high volumes of damage that can be crafted by Aiden at any point during the game should he have the right crafting components. IEDs differ from pressure detonated explosives as they are detonated via remote control. They are comprised of three cylinders with a mobile phone or cell device attached to them. On it is also a small red light to help place it when from a distance.

[edit] Crafting

To craft the IED the following minimum requirements need to be met:

They can be constructed on the spot at any time as long as Aiden has the required materials - most of which can be purchased as Pawned Off.

[edit] Useage

IEDs are capable of being thrown or placed on the ground but will only detonate when triggered by the remote control by the player at their command.

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