Abbie Vega

Abbie Vega is a character mentioned during the Burner Phone Audio Files side-missions, mentioned only by Maurice Vega. Her and Maurice were recently married.


[edit] Burner Phone Audio Files

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #2

Maurice reflects on his new wife Abbie and how this is a new start for him. She knows his past and readily accepts him for who he is now.

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #3

Abbie was once again mentioned by Maurice when talking about wanting a clean slate. He talks of wanting to run away for his current life but should he try to run his wife would be killed. Abbie wanted to leave Chicago but Maurice was being blackmailed into staying in the city. Abbie began to get concerned he was being pulled back into his old life, to which Maurice remarks on tape "how right she was."

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #4

Maurice tells the file that he took a job in order to keep Abbie safe.

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #5

One of the henchmen on the job, after kicking a man to death in which Maurice pleads him to stop, asks how his wife is.

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #6

Abbie was beginning to freak out at Maurice. So he took one more job to protect her: the hit on Aiden Pearce.

[edit] Burner Phone Audio File #8

This audio file begins with him realising that they took Abbie because the hit failed. Originally he thought she had left him so he rang her work and her friends and no one had seen her. He then gets a call from an unknown man that told him because he messed up the Pearce job, they took Abbie. He pleaded with them to keep her alive. The man told Maurice he was feeling generous so instead of killing her, he would put her up for auction at the Human Trafficking Auction. Maurice wouldn't be able to stop her since all women out into the auction are implanted with tracking chips to monitor their movements. He then breaks down saying how the victims would be given so much smack that they couldn't remember their own name. The man mentions that "the debt was wiped clean." He screams out, "What fucking life have I got?"

[edit] Fate

It is unknown what became of Abbie after the auction.

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