Ambrose Theatre

Ambrose Theatre
Ambrose Theatre.png
Pearce, upon entering the theatre

The Ambrose Theatre is a location in Chicago which is hosting an art gallery for the opening of 'media mogul' Joseph Demarco's Dot conneXion exhibition.

The Ambrose Theatre is one of Chicago’s most-storied theaters. Built during the prohibition era and restored in 1986, the Ambrose has hosted many of Chicago’s top plays, comedies, concerts, and speeches.

[edit] E3 2012 Gameplay Video

From the gameplay video, this is the location where Aiden Pearce meets a second character, Jordy, to where he is given a gun to ultimately kill his target, Joseph Demarco.

[edit] Trivia

  • The waiter's headgear is actually a QR code, which if scanned by a mobile device, will take you to where you can see an introduction to the exhibit.
  • It is based off of the real-life Chicago Theatre.
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