Anthony Wade

Anthony Wade
Anthony Wade.png
Gender Male
Age 26
Status Deceased
Nationality African-American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation Black Viceroys
Profession Self Employed
Death Shot by Aiden Pearce
Act III, By Any Means Necessary
Appearances Watch Dogs
Anthony "Iraq" Wade is the leader of the gang Black Viceroys that appears as an antagonist in Watch Dogs. At some point in the game he is under the employ of Dermot "Lucky" Quinn. He is an African American with a clean scalp but with dreadlocks tied on his head with a blue scrunchie.

[edit] Background

Anthony is a war veteran who served in Iraq, hence the nickname, and leader of the Black Viceroys. He prepares his gang for the upcoming digital war, but knows little about technology. He's known to be taking cocaine drugs.

[edit] Personality

Anthony is a loud mouthed and proud person and knows how to inspire his gang into action.

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