Chicago River

The Chicago River
Chicago River is a river that runs through the downtown district of the city of Chicago, running through a system of man-made canals. In order for residents of downtown to get from one side of the River to the other many bridges have been built in order to cross it, both for pedestrians and cars. Many of the bridges also feature a lift mechanism for passing boats to sail underneath.

Aiden Pearce can use his Profiler to hack into the bridges and make them lift and lower at his command. This will be advantageous when trying to escape the Police and/or cutting off targets from fleeing across the bridges.

[edit] Trivia

  • The River has been colored green, following a tradition lasting 50 years.
    • It isn't dyed on St Patrick's Day but instead done so on the nearest Saturday to the holiday.
    • 40 pounds if vegetable dye is used to color the river for the St Patrick's Day Celebrations.
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