Clara Lille

Clara Lille
Clara Lilla Render.png
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age 28
Date of Birth 1985
Date of Death 2014
Affiliation DedSec
Aiden Pearce
Alias Badboy17
Nationality Canadian (Québécois)
Profession Tattoo Artist
Voice Actor Isabella Blais
Appearances Watch Dogs
Clara Lille is a character that appears in Watch Dogs who is a computer hacker and associate of Aiden Pearce. She is a Female Caucasian with black long hair with white highlights. Alongside being a Hacker she also works as a Tattoo Artist.


[edit] Biography

At the beginning of Watch Dogs Aiden hires Clara, under her alias Badboy17, to help him track down those responsible for the death of his niece, Lena. While assuming her alias she never meets with Aiden and talks to him through phone conversations with voice altering software.

Sometime later she meets up with Aiden in person in order to personally hand him the DedSec System Hacks, upon them meeting it is then that Aiden discovers Badboy17 is neither 17 or a boy. She continues to help Aiden throughout the game.

Whilst at The Bunker when Defalt steals all the data Aiden has collected, it is revealed that Clara was the hired hacker who tracked down Aiden and Damien Brenks after the Merlaut Hotel job so that a hit could be put out on them. It was the resulting hit of their identification that caused the death of Aiden's niece.

After this discovery, Clara decides to take one of her frequent visits to Lena's grave to place flowers there, revealing she is the mystery person that leaves flowers at Lena's grave as questioned by Nicole Pearce during a flash back scene. However in visiting the grave, Clara leaves herself exposed and Lucky Quinn's men track her down and Fixers are sent to take her out. Aiden arrives as the Fixers are homing in on Clara but is too late and arrives as Clara suffers a fatal gun shot wound. After her death Aiden listens to a voice mail message left by Clara before her death telling her that she is sorry and that she hopes after this to disappear.

[edit] Appearance

Clara is a young, slender Caucasian female with black dyed hair with white or silver highlights. She dons facial piercings including black stud earrings in both of her ears. She also wears black eyeliner. She has tattoos visible on her torso, arms and neck, there are likely more hidden underneath her clothes also. She wears a low cut, black shirt with the logo of DedSec adorned on the front underneath a short-sleeve leather jacket. The cut of her top also reveals she wears a black bra. She also wears a necklace and several bracelets and other accessories. She also wears black nail polish with a white star and curve. She wears a spider web belt, along with slim fitting grey jeans, and black knee-length boots.

[edit] Personality

Clara is a seductive and dangerous individual and a highly skilled computer hacker, able to gain access to most high-security computer systems. She is a French-Candian woman that Aiden Pearce meets during his story.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Aiden Pearce

Main Article: Aiden Pearce

When the two first meet, they are reluctant to trust one another and for a while there is a great deal of mistrust between her and Aiden. Tension is visible throughout most of their interactions. Although neither of them trust one another, they form a bond out of that mistrust and their passion for computer hacking. As the story progresses, Clara starts to care about Aiden, checking up on him from time to time and asking if he needs any assistance.

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