Damien Brenks

Damien’s is a restless mind. He’s easily distracted by fresh ideas, but when he does find focus, he’s precise. Self-absorbed bordering on narcissistic, it was a horrendous blow to his psyche when he was left beaten near-death. Damien plays the world around him like a chess board: seeing many intricate moves ahead and manipulating his opponents from the opening moves. He’ll have his revenge. His own way.

- Damien Brenks Description
Damien Brenks
Damien Brenks.png
Full Name Damien Brenks
Gender Male
Age 48
Status Deceased
Date of Birth 1965
Date of Death 2013
Nationality American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation Formerly Aiden Pearce
Blume Corporation
Relationships Marcus Brenks (Son)
Profession Forensic Technologist
Voice Actor Daniel Kash
Appearances Watch Dogs
Damien Brenks is a character and secondary antagonist in Watch Dogs. He is the former criminal partner of Aiden Pearce.

[edit] Biography

In the prolouge of Watch Dogs Aiden is at the Merlaut Hotel hacking into people's profiles in order for Damien to siphon their financial information. During the mission another hacker is detected in the system. Although Aiden insists that the link be cut, Damien insists that he isn't done and tells Aiden to hang on for a little longer. Aiden refused Damien's recklessness and cut the link, terminated the mission and made a run for it. However the other hacker at the Hotel was able to identify Aiden and Brenks and a hit was put on the both of them. The assassination attempts failed on both Aiden and Damien, leaving Damien crippled in his left leg and resulted in the death of Aiden's niece, Lena.

11 months passed and Damien began making subtle call outs to Aiden to grab his attention, such as paying off a stranger to make a crank phone call to Aiden's sister, Nicole, to unnerve her. The phone call led Aiden to track down the crank caller where he began to follow the digital bread crumbs left by Damien. When the two meet, Damien is drunk and starts rambling about his suffering was no less than Aiden's after they left him a cripple. He reveals that the reason for reaching out to Aiden was because he had found the IP of the second hacker at the Merlaut Hotel and wanted Aiden to help track them down. However Aiden refused to work with Damien, insisting that he didn't need him.

Aiden later called Brenks to update on what he had found out and the two agreed to meet. Once Damien didn't arrive at the designated rendezvous point, images of him at Nicole's house flashed on the TV screens around Aiden. Aiden raced there to confront Damien who had revealed he had taken Nicole captive and refused to give her up until Aiden had completed the job on tracking down the second hacker for him.

Later it is revealed that Brenks had made a deal with Blume to give them Aiden and T-Bone Grady once he had finished with them. In exchange for handing over two of Blume's "most wanted", Damien would be grated unimpeded access to the ctOS system.

At the end of the game Damien has full control of ctOS in Chicago and meets Aiden at the Lighthouse for the final time. It is revealed Damien had hired Jordi Chin to take Aiden out on arrival but Aiden blew the light at the top of the Lighthouse, stunning Jordi enough to knock him over the side and unarm him. He then uses the gun he took from Jordi to kill Damien with a shot to the head.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Aiden Pearce

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