Donovan Rushmore

Donovan Rushmore
Full Name Donovan Rushmore
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Age 64
Date of Birth 1960
Date of Death 2014
Nationality American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation Chicago South Club
Profession Mayor of Chicago
Donovan Rushmore (often called Mayor Rushmore) is a character in Watch Dogs who throughout the majority of the game is the mayor of the city of Chicago. His cause of death is unknown.


[edit] Biography

As his role as Mayor, his responsibility was to liaise between businesses in Chicago and the Blume Corporation throughout the integration process of the ctOS beginning in 2011. Sometime before the events of the game he murdered a woman named Rose Washington, when Dermot Quinn obtained video evidence of him committing the murder, he used it to blackmail Rushmore for his own ends.

During the epilogue of the game he is reported to have been found dead, but the cause of death remains unknown.

[edit] Appearance

Donovan Rushmore is an elderly black male with greying hair and a beard. He is a thickset man who is quite often nervous.

[edit] Personality

He is shown to react badly during periods of stress, as he is seen panicking after committing the murder of Rose Washington and was shaky throughout his deliverance of his speech about Dermot Quinn at his charity event.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Rose Washington

Main Article: Rose Washington

His relationship with Rose is currently unknown. He murdered her before the events of the game.

[edit] Dermot "Lucky" Quinn

Main Article: Dermot Quinn

After obtaining a video of the murder of Rose Washington, Quinn became Rushmore's blackmailer. He financed his campaign to be re-elected as Mayor of Chicago and is a puppet for Quinn to control.

[edit] Trivia

  • It is noted by many individuals around Chicago that Rushmore was "bought out" by Blume for the ctOS integration, instead of being a deal based on merit for both sides.
  • WKZ Media report that the re-election of Mayor Rushmore was controversial, but isn't explained as to why or what sort of a Mayor he was before re-election.
  • There are posters throughout Chicago of his campaign posters with a cow ahead atop it.
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