Dot conneXion

"We’re proud to be bringing this exciting exhibit to the great city of Chicago," said a Department spokesman. "There’s no better place for this show than our own Ambrose Theatre, and we’re delighted that Joseph Demarco and his artists have selected this venue for such an important show."
The Dot ConneXion logo

The Dot conneXion exhibit is a digital gallery made from underground art and music which was hosted by Joseph Demarco that takes place in the Ambrose Theatre. The aim of the exhibition is to bring together today’s most influential young artists at the forefront of an exciting digital art movement called the dotConnexion Collective.

[edit] E3 Gameplay Video

Aiden Pearce sneaks into the exhibit to lure Demarco out into the open in order to kill him. Elsewhere in the theatre, Pearce shows off his Profiler ability to track and gain information from civilians.

[edit] Website

From the website, numerous logos can be spotted:

  • A WKZ logo can be seen on the website. Furthermore, a WKZ reporter is seen in front of the entrance covering the exhibit.
  • A Proviblue Bank logo can also be seen.

[edit] Trivia

The waiter's headgear in the Ambrose Theatre is actually a QR code, which if scanned by a mobile device, will take you to where you can see an introduction to the exhibit.

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