E3 2012 Gameplay Video Analysis

The video for Watch Dogs starts off with the sound of chatter from intercepted communications. On screen it identifies a target by the name of Joseph DeMarco and shows his criminal background, such as perjury, murder and conspiracy. However he was cleared of murder. In the background you can hear the voice, presumably from the protagonist, saying

"You're a liar. I know the truth. I know how you think. I see the digital shadow you cast. You lie to everyone else. But you can't hide from me. I'm going to find you, and expose you to the world..."

Now you enter the dangerous world of Aiden Pearce as you transition straight into the gameplay. From this view you can see Pearce's large overcoat blowing in the wind, NPCs carrying on their regular lifestyle and trees gently swaying from side-to-side. In the bottom right corner there is a minimap, identifying Pearce's main objective. Next you catch your first glimpse at the technology at the hands of this character, pulling out what looks to be a smartphone which scans the location. There's a several highlighted electronic device such as an ATM, camera and even gives an option to 'Hack' a pedestrian's phone.

Pearce then quickly hurries across the road and arrives at the Ambrose Theatre, the art gallery opening of 'media mogul' Joseph DeMarco's dot conneXion exhibition. It is quickly realised that Pearce needs access to this theatre but with security at the guard and a large queue, this provides an obstacle. This then provides first viewing of the scroll wheel showing off various hacking options shown below:

The scroll wheel, with multiple Hack options

Pearce selects 'Jam Communications' which leads to all telecoms seizing to work. Also worth noting is that the battery icon in the bottom left slowly decreases indicating that these powers cannot be used indefinitely. The disabling of the phones leads the security guard at the door to walk away from the entrance providing the perfect chance to enter the theatre.

Even with the first few seconds of Pearce stepping into the theatre, it is evident that he should not be hear with voices being heard saying, "Is that Pearce?" "What's he doing here?". A cutscene follows introducing a second character, named Jordy, however it seems like the pair are in on the action together. Pearce is given a handgun once he announces that his target is DeMarco to this second character. It is then established that Pearce is using himself as bait to lure DeMarco out into the open.

The camera then switches back to the gameplay where Pearce must then identify one of DeMarco's employees. Scanning multiple civilians, he arrives at a woman, named Mary Blass, and begins to listen into her phone call to Joseph DeMarco. She's calling DeMarco to warn him of Pearce's presence, and he instructs her to ensure that Pearce does not leave. This indicates that it is now time to leave the scene.

Pearce scurries along to an exit where he encounters 'Military Reservist', Clint Fallon, and engages in a fight. Pearce pulls out a retractable baton and easily disposes of Fallon before heading back out onto the street which has just started to get hit by heavy rain. Pearce heads to a junction where he pulls out his handgun and places a scarf over his mouth. The hacking scroll wheel is visible again showing the same multiple options.

The scroll wheel, with multiple Hack options

Pearce chooses 'Traffic Lights'. As the target's vehicle approaches, all the traffic lights switch to green leading to a large pile-up of colliding vehicles. DeMarco's bodyguards flood the scene providing defence however Pearce is able to take them out. During one portion of the fighting, there is an option for Pearce to rescue a civilian from their car so this could indicate that he may not be a bad person. With all the bodyguards killed Pearce breaks the window of DeMarco's window and throws the enemies body through the window and onto the tarmac. Pearce then shoots DeMarco in the head, to kill him.

At this point, a police helicopter has entered the scene. Pearce runs to the opposite street where he steals a parked vehicle and drives off at high speed. This then shows up the hacking options for the final time:

The scroll wheel, with multiple Hack options

Pearce selects 'Bridges', causing the approaching bridge to ascend. This leads to the end of the video as Pearce makes his escape over the bridge.

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