Type Heavy Weapon
Weight Medium
Availability Quid Pro Quo Guns
DB&R Weaponsmiths
Appearances Watch Dogs
G106 is an explosive heavy weapon that appears in Watch Dogs.

[edit] Design

The weapon's look is based on that of a compacy grenade launcher with a compact lightweight buttstock. It also draws inspiration from the Brügger & Thomet GL-06, with NATO accessory rails on top and on the bottom of the handguard. The G106 appears without the vertical foregrip.

[edit] Performance

The G106 is capable of firing 40mm grenades which detonate on impact. The rate of fire for the weapon is low, but is compensated by the high damage each shot is capable of doing. The force in which the G106 grenades detonate are ideal for taking down multiple targets at once that lay close together. It is also capable of taking down larger vehicles such as vans and trucks in a single blow.

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