JB Marcowics

JB "Defalt" Marcowics
Real Name JB Marcowics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (if killed)
Alive (if knocked out)
Nationality Polish
Residence Chicago
Alias Defalt
Profession DJ
JB "Defalt" Marcowics is a Blackhat hacker and DJ at DotConnXion at the Ambrose Theatre that appears in Watch Dogs. He is working against both DedSec and Aiden Pearce.


[edit] Biography

Before the events of the game, Defalt made a name for himself as a skilled Hacker in order to impress the "hacktivist" group DedSec. He approached them about becoming one of "The Daves", a member of their council. However he was ultimately rejected by them due to them wanting to remain an anonymous group and didn't like people with images (as he does with his rat mask).

Clara Lille mentions there have been a series of digital probes, mostly by "script kiddies" according to her, but there is a skilled hacker known as Defalt who is also behind them. T-Bone Grady further notes that Defalt is a brilliant hacker and will likely cause them a lot of trouble.

Later on he hacks into The Bunker and steals all the information gathered by Aiden Pearce, in doing so he keeps the team at the Bunker distracted from going after him by revealing the secret that Clara had a hand in profiling Aiden Pearce and Damien Brenks after the Merlaut Hotel which ultimately led to the death of Lena Pearce. After it is revealed, Aiden deletes the blackmail.

After he has made his escape, T-Bone makes his way for his apartment to see what he can find and discovers a trove of advanced technology. Soon after he made his way into the apartment, an alarm set by Defalt is triggered calling in the Fixers. With the help of Aiden, T-Bone manages to escape.

He is tracked down to DotConnXion where he is working as a DJ for Joseph DeMarco's gallery event at the Ambrose Theatre. Expecting the arrival of Aiden he hacks into the Profiler database and changes people's information for benign statements and meme-based jokes. However he inadvertently leaves a trail for Aiden to follow but notices Aiden watching him by the camera on his laptop, promptly raises his middle finger to the camera and plunges the club into darkness. He then makes his escape to the roof of the building where a group of Fixers is waiting for Aiden who have been hired by Marcowics to take him out. Once Aiden has killed all the fixers Defalt makes his escape in his personalized vehicle. Once in pursuit Aiden begins to download the data Defalt stole from the bunker. Once the car is incapacitated Aiden can choose to take him out non-lethally or kill him.

[edit] Appearance

Defalt opts to remain behind his giant blue rat mask for all his interactions with Aiden and as such his face is never seen, and as he never talks is voice is also never heard. He wears a light grey hoodie with "Defalt" written across the middle in a pixel font.

[edit] Trivia

  • Defalt bears a resemblance to the real life DJ Deadmau5, instead Defalt has a rat mask whereas Deadmau5 has a mouse mask.
  • In Dot ConneXion, Defalt uses binary in his CtOS profile, like "01010010 01001111" as his name "01000110" as his interesting fact and "01001100" as his occupation. If put together, this translates to "ROFL," or "Rolling On Floor Laughing."
  • He holds a grudge against DedSec after they turned him away from a seat on their council. However it appears the dislike is mutual as DedSec refer to Defalt as a "weakling".
  • Defalt's symbol appears as the marker for Digital Trips, indicating he is likely the person to have originally created them.
  • During the final chase, if Defalt's vehicle is not incapacitated it is possible for him to escape.

[edit] Gallery

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