Jordi Chin

Jordi Chin
Jordi Chin Render.png
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Watch Dogs
Jordi Chin is a character that appears in Watch Dogs and associate of Aiden Pearce. He is the leader of a gang called the Fixers. He is Asian and has dark brown mid length hair and facial hair in the form of a beard and moustache. He is 6 foot tall. Jordi displays a high level of composure and a good sense of humour at times as well. He often makes humorous comments when in a tricky situation. At one point he says "We got a bunch of dead bodies right? We got 40,000 people above us. We need a distraction." As if to suggest that the distraction (Aiden's role) is the easiest part.

[edit] Biography

Jordi has a strong relationship with Aiden, trusted by one another they have a love-hate relationship. As Aiden states "We don't hang out, because we'd kill each other." Conversely, Jordi claims that Aiden has no nuance, no art and no subtlety. Whether this is a criticism of his character or an appraisal is unknown. It is possible that he could be a gun dealer. He gives a gun to Aiden Pearce that he uses to kill Joseph Demarco. he shows obvious dislike toward DeMarco, referring to DeMarco's dot.conneXion digital art gallery as a "shit-show". Jordi seems genuinely pleased when Aiden announces he has plans to kill Demarco and gives him the pistol for free, telling Aiden to "consider it a donation".

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