Joseph DeMarco

"This is suicide, you understand that?" DeMarco warns. "You kill me, and you'll open a door you'll never close..."
Joseph DeMarco
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Joseph DeMarco is a successful businessman and philanthropist in Watch Dogs. He is also a target for Aiden Pearce.

[edit] E3 2012 Gameplay Video

An extended analysis for the Gameplay video can be found here.

DeMarco is hosting a gallery opening for his dot conneXion exhibition at the Ambrose Theatre in Chicago. Prior to his arrival at the Theatre, it is learned that protagonist Aiden Pearce has broken into the Theatre after he receives a call from an employee, named Mary Blass, who warns of his presence.

Aiden Pearce manages to sneak out of the Theatre unharmed and sets up a trap for DeMarco's vehicle. Pearce hacks the approaching traffic lights to Demarco's vehicle by switching the lights to green causing a large pile-up of vehicles at the junction. DeMarco's bodyguards flood the scene providing defence however Pearce is able to take them out. With all the bodyguards killed Pearce breaks the window of DeMarco's window and throws the enemies body through the window and onto the tarmac. Pearce then shoots DeMarco in the head.

[edit] Gallery

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