Maurice Vega

Maurice is the trigger man who killed Aiden’s niece in an attack meant for Aiden. Maurice is a street thug who does odd jobs for local gangs. He’s not affiliated with an organized gang and through some bad choices, he found himself on the wrong end of a debt.

- Character description
Maurice Vega
Maurice Vega.png
Full Name Maurice Vega
Gender Male
Status Determinant
Date of death 2013 (optional)
Relationships Abbie Vega (wife)
Residence Chicago
Nationality American
Profession Hitman
Voice Actor Christopher Jacot
Appearances Watch Dogs
Maurice Vega is a small time criminal and hitman that appears in Watch Dogs. He was hired by Chicago South Club boss, Dermot "Lucky" Quinn to take down Aiden Pearce after the Merlaut job incident. Due to the failed hit on Aiden, Aiden's niece Lena Pearce was subsequently killed. He was detained by Aiden and Jordi Chin at a baseball game and remains in Jordi's custody until the end of the game where Aiden can choose to kill or spare him.

[edit] Biography

Before the event of Watch Dogs, Maurice was working as a hitman for the Chicago South Club. He was married to a woman named Abigail, often referred to by Maurice as simply "Abbie". He wanted to leave the club and start a new life with his wife, however the club was unwilling to let him go an began blackmailing him into continuing working for them by threatening to hurt his newly wed wife. In order to prove to him that they were keeping careful watch on his life as to make sure he didn't up and leave, they went so far as to tell Maurice the details of his grocery shopping lists. Maurice finally cracked when, whilst proving what happens to men who upset the club one of the other members of the club was kicking a man to death and when Maurice emplored him to stop he asked how he wife was.

Maurice then went back to work for the club. The first job he was contracted to do went without any problems, much to his own surprise. However his second job failed which ultimately led to him being assigned the hit on Aiden Pearce, the hit that would ultimately lead to Aiden's niece, Lena Pearce, dying. It is her death that begins the story of Watch Dogs.

After the failed hit on Aiden, Maurice's wife was kidnapped and almost killed. When Maurice begged them not to kill her, she was instead sent to be sold at the Human Trafficking Auction. Maurice was then kicked from the club and allowed to live out the rest of his life, however at this point with nothing to live for, Maurice didn't want to continue living.

He was later detained by Aiden and Jordi Chin at a baseball game. He spent the rest of the game moving from location to location under interrogation by Jordi as to ordered the hit. However, he refused to offer any information, saying he was still living in fear of what the club would do to him if it ever got out he was the snitch. In an after credits scene, he finally decides to give up his information, Aiden makes a visit to where he is being held and can make the decision to either kill him, or to walk way and let him live.

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