The Radar as it appears on the HUD
Radar is a piece of equipment used by Aiden Pearce as a tracking and GPS system to navigate the city of Chicago. The primary role of this device to to show players of the game Watch Dogs places of special interest, hackable items and locations of the next objective as well as provide insight with the map and Aiden's immediate surroundings.

On the game's HUD, a portion of the map appears in the lower right hand corner of the player's screen, this is a smaller version of the Radar and allows access to anything within a small but localized portion of the map, providing that players have hacked into the operating center of that part of the city for it to show the area in any small amount of detail. At the center of this small map will be an arrow indicating the current location of the player, as well as the direction the player is facing. Objects that Aiden can hack will appear on the map depending on what the Profiler is currently set at to hack. This is to avoid the HUD Radar from becoming too overcrowded if many things are hackable in one area, for example if "Traffic Lights" is set only traffic lights will appear hackable on the map.

The portion the map visible is dependent on the height of the vehicle Aiden is in, or the scope of hostile characters looking for Aiden.

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