Type SMG
Damage Medium
Weight Low
Ammunition Capacity 240+
Availability Quid Pro Quo Guns
Appearances Watch Dogs
SMG-11 is an SMG-type weapon that appears in Watch Dogs.


[edit] Design

Based on the designs for the real life gun, the MAC-11, the SMG-11 is a subcompact machine pistol which features a lightweight retractable buttstock in the game.

[edit] Performance

The gun has a high rate of fire but a relatively low damage output per round when fired. With a capacity for 32 round magazines the gun is capable of sustained fire.

[edit] Spec Ops

The spec ops (or Special Operations) edition of this gun exists with a suppressor attached to the barrel to reduce the sound of each shot being fired. This extension makes it more suitable for stealth operations.

[edit] Trivia

  • The SMG-11 is often seen being used by the Fixers.
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