Smartphone is the main device that Aiden Pearce uses, along with the app dubbed "Profiler" to hack into Chicago's ctOS. The phone also is able to receive text messages, calls and a use a variety of different apps. When taking calls or receiving text messages, the HUD shows what is appearing on the phone's screen.


[edit] Appearance

The phone is small, smaller than most conventional phones today, with a black shell and a silver rim. The front of the phone is mostly dominated for the screen, with small spaces to the top and bottom for speaker room and buttons.

[edit] Apps

Apps are the primary focus for the use of the smartphone in Watch Dogs. When pulled out, the HUD will show a contextualized display of the screen on the phone and the location of the apps on the screen.

The apps that can be found on the phone include:

[edit] Contract

[edit] Online

  • Online contracts

[edit] Fun and Games

[edit] Utilities

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