T-Bone Grady

T-Bone Grady
T-Bone Grady Render.png
Real Name Raymond Kenney
Status Alive
Age 52
Nationality American
Affiliation Aiden Pearce
Voice Actor John Tench
Appearances Watch Dogs
T-Bone Grady is an accomplished hacker and associate of Watch Dogs protagonist, Aiden Pearce. His real name is Raymond Kenney and was responsible for the blackout in 2003. He is a Caucasian male with dark brown mid length hair and a lot of facial hair. He is a welder, due to being the welder this allows him to wear goggles all the time. He has an exclusive DLC that allows you to have a story for T-Bone.


[edit] Background

T-Bone has been hacking the internet in his basement since a young age when the internet was comparatively miniscule in the scale it is now. He thrives off giving himself challenges and testing his abilities, accessing areas forbidden to the majority. His mental challenges and not gone unnoticed and have landed him in trouble more than once.

Grady has an affinity with computers and seems to regard them as friends, showing sadness when having to leave a motherboard behind on a mission to escape a group of Fixers. He is usually armed, carrying a Pistol in his back pocket for occasions where he, or his friends, run into trouble. It is said he had a hand in the incident of the North East that left 11 people dead.

[edit] Raymond Kenney

Before the events of Watch Dogs, on the 14th August 2003 he unleashed a virus on the state's transmission control room, that caused a blackout in the north-east of America for 55 million people, leading to widespread panic in New York. This attack injured hundreds and killed 11 people. His attack led to the introduction of ctOS for America.

[edit] Appearance

T-Bone is a Caucasian male with mid-length long hair and facial hair, namely a beard. He wears a short-sleeve grey button up shirt above a charcoal shirt, which pokes from the bottom slightly. He wears faded, ripped jeans and construction boots on his feet.

[edit] Personality

T-Bone seems a relaxed and easy-going guy. He tends to treat computers as people, referring to an expensive part as "baby" when having to part with it after Aiden arrives to save him.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Aiden Pearce

Main Article: Aiden Pearce

Aiden and T-Bone get along as friends and are able to work well together. It is unknown how long the two have known each other.

[edit] Gallery

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