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Uplay is a service provided by Ubisoft to players that rewards them with trophy-like achievements as provided by most gaming companies, but work independently of trophies and achievements on Playstation, Xbox and Steam. This service is provided along all consoles the games feature on, including PC, Mac, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Facebook, Android, iOS, and OnLive.

Each game will have four actions that players need to complete for a number of Uplay points, which are referred to as "Units" (UP.png) with each action granting 5 - 40 units each. Units gathered from games can be used to purchase exclusive game-related items, costumes, expansions, and other rewards from the Uplay store. The Units gathered from one game are able to be spent on rewards for another game also - as long as the game is Uplay supported.

[edit] Actions

  • Hello World: Take down Maurice (10 UP.png)
  • Family Man: Complete Act 1 (20 UP.png)
  • Fatal Focus: Using one focus, kill 4 enemies (30 UP.png)
  • Vengeance: Complete Act 4 (40 UP.png)

[edit] Rewards

  • Uplay.com Aiden Avatar: Go to uplay.com and update your avatar with this exclusive Aiden avatar (10 UP.png)
  • Online Contract Cash Boost: Boost the cash payout on all online contracts to get an edge on your enemies. (20 UP.png)
  • Gold D50: Bringing a new meaning to 'one-hit wonder’, this 14 karat D50 edition is a jaw-dropper. (30 UP.png)
  • Papavero Stealth Edition: Avoid detection and elude the cops in the Papavero Stealth Edition. ctOS won’t know what hit it. (40 UP.png)

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